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UK Premium Weather Forecast - Spring & Summer 2014


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Will the summer be cold/wet or bring another heatwave in 2014?

Our individual UK long-range summer 2014 weather forecast is now available for long-term contingency planners

UK Summer 2014 x 2 Reports - Only £10

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Exacta Weather have accurately forecast the correct weather patterns and any major developments for the last 5 summers from several months in advance, including the timing of last years summer heatwave (2013) 



+ the record-breaking wet summer of 2012

The front page of the Daily Express at the start of summer 2012 (June 15th) also correctly stated:

James Madden, of Exacta Weather, said the rest of the summer would be “unsettled” as long as the jet stream – which is responsible for the washout – refuses to budge (exactly what happened)

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Exacta Weather is a full time operation that relies on user support through forecast subscriptions. We do not receive any type of government funding for our work or our correct long-range weather predictions.

Our major long-range weather predictions to date include:

  • The unusually early autumn storms of 2013 that occurred in September and October were forecast from 5 and 6 months ahead of occurrence
  • The equal coldest March period in 130 years (2013) based on CET (5 months ahead)
  • Successful snow risk dates for the winter of 2012/13 (3 & 4 months ahead)
  • The wettest summer in 100 years + major floods of 2012 (6 months ahead)
  • The coldest summer in over two decades (2011) based on CET (7 months ahead)
  • The coldest December in 100 years of 2010 (11 months ahead)
  • The coldest winter for over 30 years of 2009/10 (5 months ahead)
+ More @ About Us/Accuracy Here

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