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U.S. Long Range Weather Forecast - Winter 2014/15 

ANOTHER COLD WINTER FOR THE U.S. DURING 2014/15 - AS HIGHLIGHTED IN OUR EARLIER FORECASTS  (first issued to subscribers in June 2014)

A snippet from our 120 day ahead USA Winter 2014/15 correctly stated the following about a mild December + what is about to happen now for the exact dates/locations (see forecast snippet picture below):

"A number of potentially cold and major snow events are likely to develop throughout this winter in relation to how solar activity and sudden stratospheric warming can alter overall weather patterns in the United States, in particular, within the January and early February period in the eastern half of the United States and Canada. The Polar Vortex is likely to collapse and become displaced and this is likely to push cold air much further south than usual within this period. However, December could prove to be a more near average month in many parts with the potential for some positive temperature anomalies in many places and a reduced number of major snow events."

"The worst case scenario could bring something on a similar par to the winter of January 1985 to parts of the eastern half of the United States within the above period of January to early February."


Very cold & exceptionally snowy 2013/14 winter - with the possibility of some of the snowiest & coldest conditions in at least a century at times...

Our forecasting parameters identified the coldest U.S. winter in 100 years of 2013/14 due to
stratospheric warming events and jet stream displacement from several months in advance.

The above information was available to subscribers in our preliminary U.S. winter weather report (3 page PFD report - Issued in June 2013 from 6-8 months ahead) - in reference to the early December snowstorms in the Northeast & Midwest + 
the record-breaking winter conditions of 2013/14 (Coldest U.S. winter in 100 years)


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