Exacta Weather Standard & Standard Plus+ Weather Forecast Subscriptions - UK & Ireland

​​The above screenshots are features from our seasonal/long range forecasts from within our 'Standard' weather forecast subscriptions

​​The above screenshots are examples from our seasonal/long range forecasts from within our 'Standard Plus' weather forecast subscriptions

UK & Ireland December 2016 Forecast (30 & 45 day ahead) - £10

Standard Plus+ UK & Ireland December 2016 Forecast (30 & 45 day ahead) - £10.00

UK & Ireland Autumn 2016 Forecast - £5.00

Standard Plus+ UK & Ireland Autumn 2016 Forecast - £10.00

UK & Ireland Winter 2016/17 Forecast - £10.00

Standard Plus+ UK & Ireland Winter 2016/17 Forecast - £10.00

UK & Ireland 12 Month Full Subscription - £99.99

Standard Plus+ UK & Ireland 12 Month Full Subscription - £199.99

​​🎅 CHRISTMAS 2016 offers for just £10 for 12 months or £20 Lifetime subscription - For the first 100 subscribers ONLY (Donations also welcomed)

Purchases of individual weather reports will receive them by quick email delivery as PDF documents upon receipt of payment (please also check your junk/spam box). Full 12 month or lifetime subscriber purchases will receive a username and password by email delivery to access their reports via our members login area. Individual username and passwords are required for the 'Standard' and 'Standard Plus+' subscriptions.

What is the difference between the 'Standard' and new 'Standard Plus' Subscriptions?

The 'Standard' subscription is a largely text based wealth of long range weather reports for the UK and Ireland - it contains 12 preliminary and 12 full month ahead forecasts, along with 4 preliminary and 4 seasonal forecasts per year (32 reports over 12 months). The 'Standard Plus+' subscription moves away from a largely text based service and offers a wealth of detailed weather information for your specific locations from a multitude of forecasting models to bring more in depth and pictorial weather information and detailed weather/pressure maps for those who require it to plan ahead with intrinsic weather requirements (also 32 reports over 12 months). We conducted research among current subscribers and businesses we serve and it's conclusively clear that this is also the area to spend our most time and keep improving for the future of Exacta Weather. However, we will still keep the text reports and subscribers to the standard plus subscription will also receive access to these for FREE as part of their subscription. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances we have Postponed the pro packages until the New Year. However, it is of advantage to those who subscribe now as prices will be substantially higher in the New Year.


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