​​​​​Exacta Weather Still Needs YOUR Help! (Subscriptions & Donations)

Unlike many other weather organisations such as the Met Office - we here at Exacta Weather don't have any kind of funding, we also don't have any investors or rich owners to edit or restrict our ESOTERIC climate and forecast methodology/work for the future. Unfortunately, we do however operate in an incredibly challenging financial position and cut-throat type of business, and our advertising and subscriber revenues have reduced dramatically in recent years, and so much so, that we have been operating out of pocket for quite some time. But we do it because we believe our future vision on where we could be heading matters and for those who choose to follow our work.

However, we now need the supporters of our work, more than ever before, to help secure our future. We know some people are not in a position to support us, but for those who can, you'll play an important part of our ethos to make long range weather and climate forecasting easier and more accepted in the future.

So you can see as to why we need to ask for your help. Exacta Weather research and forecast production take a lot of time, hard work and money to produce, particularly, for the website costs and the amount of money it costs to keep it running - it's difficult and expensive work. If everyone who reads our reports and helps to support it by purchasing just a minimal subscription, forecast or by making a (donation), then our future would be more secure.

As an Exacta Weather supporter you will receive excellent value for money with one of our brand new subscriptions or weather forecasts in the link below, and from as little as just a few pound for our very latest forecast.

Exacta Weather - UK & Ireland Long Range Weather Forecasts

UK & Ireland Seasonal Weather Forecast £5.00 (Autumn 2017) - Covering September-November

UK & Ireland Seasonal Weather Forecast £10.00 (Winter 2017/18) - Covering December-February + Expected SNOW Dates!

UK & Ireland Early Bird Outlook for 180-200 days ahead £20.00 - Currently covers up to MARCH 2018

UK & Ireland 12 Month Subscription £25.00 - Access To All Our Forecasts for 1 year inc*NEW* 6 Month Ahead Forecasts

UK & Ireland
Lifetime Subscription £40.00  - Access To All Our Forecasts​ for lifetime inc *NEW* 6 Month Ahead Forecasts (£10 FOR 24 HOURS ONLY!)

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