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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Exacta Weather - UK & Ireland Long Range Weather Forecasts

*NEW* UK & Ireland - Summer 2018 (May to August)  £11.00   **INCLUDED IN LIMITED TIME £5 FORECAST SALE!**


UK & Ireland 12 Month Subscription £25.00 - Access To All Our Forecasts for 1 year inc *NEW* 6 Month Ahead Forecasts

UK & Ireland Lifetime Subscription £50.00  - Access To All Forecasts​ for Lifetime inc *NEW* 6 Month Ahead Forecasts (Royal Wedding Special £19.05)

UK & Ireland Early Bird Outlook for 180-200 days ahead £25.00 - Currently covers up to OCTOBER 2018 (Email/PDF Delivery Only)

We will also be releasing the BRAND NEW ultra long-range weather forecasts for Autumn 2018 & Winter 2018/19 very soon!

(Available by PDF/document delivery to e-mail ONLY – This year/these seasons will be of particular IMPORTANCE to farmers and those who require much further ahead and detailed weather forecasts to help them be better prepared)

**(Autumn 2018) UK & Ireland Ultra Long Range Weather Forecast = £19.99


**(Winter 2018/19) UK & Ireland Ultra Long Range Weather Forecast = £19.99


We are also confident of our future forecasts that we now also include a money back guarantee if you are not entirely happy with any of our services or our overall accuracy... YOU have absolutely nothing to Lose!

Invest In Our Future + Non Biased Science & Help Us To Realise Our Future Vision & Values For 2018 Onwards...

Invest In Our Future + Non Biased Science & Help Us To Realise Our Future Vision & Values For 2018 Onwards...

Exacta Weather is a small but well recognised weather company who would like to expand and improve on our services and the types of forecasts we offer via the website to the public for FREE. If we had less than 1% of the funding that the Met Office receive each year and ONLY 10 members of staff to rotate on 24 hour day shifts - we are certain that we could at the very least match or challenge the high staffing levels of 1500 members of staff who serve at the UK Met Office.

We have no hidden motive, other than being passionate and obsessed by the weather, with hopes of adding usability to long range weather forecasting, and in despite of what others/competitors might say...

At present we are limited to the totality and overall services that we could offer to the world. However, if we had that extra and reliable manpower needed to run such operations - we do believe our vision is attainable and we will do everything within our power and hard working ethic to make this happen in the very near future.

So watch out as we implement new additions to the website from 2018 onwards including YOUR location!!! (Most of them FREE)

Also check our our correct scientific and forecasting history accolades since we began our quest in 2010 HERE​​