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​​​​​​Summer 2017 Review & Autumn/Winter 2017/18

Our comments on summer 2017 from over 100 days ahead (please read):

James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, said the next three months will bring a succession of “major” heat blasts.

He said: “Heat surges and Spanish pluming from the near Continent will be part and parcel of the upcoming summer 2017 period.

“It will not be entirely SETTLED throughout and there will be an increased risk for some mixed and COOLER weather at times.

“However, despite these unsettled periods, it is of the highest confidence that multiple and major heat surges will occur throughout this summer.

“Early projections consistently indicate that this summer could break or near a NUMBER of temperature RECORDS in terms of maximum heat".


'TWO' Incidents Of RECORD-BREAKING + HOTTEST Temperatures EVER For The UK Summer 2017!!!

Our several month ahead seasonal summer forecast stated that: "We expected a 'number' of maximum temperatures in terms of record-breaking heat to be at exceeded at times this summer, particularly, in the SECOND HALF of AUGUST".

So in addition to the HOTTEST June day on RECORD... Summer 2017 produced the SECOND incident of RECORD-BREAKING heat with the hottest August Bank Holiday on RECORD/EVER.

Despite August not turning out as we had expected overall, we can however add further support to our long range warmer than average 'but not entirely settled' summer for this year (stated in EVERY long range article/subscriber forecasts) as each month of the Mean Central England (CET) and the OLDEST temperature dataset in the WORLD come in at above the seasonal average for each and every month of the meteorological summer (June & July) in exception for August + PROOF @ http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/hadobs/hadcet/cet_info_mean.html

In addition to all of the above you can also read our original PDF subscribers forecast below - issued from over 150 days and to draw your own conclusion as to how accurate it was in comparison to any other long range forecasts from this far ahead


Date Added: Friday 8th September 2017 - James Madden

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