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Multiple Heatwaves & Record-Heat Arrive On Cue + First Freeze/Snow Dates

The first notable hot weather of the year arrived on cue in the second half of May – as noted in our several month ahead reports to subscribers and within the following news article for public consumption during the EARLY part of April.

It correctly stated the following in reference to the MAY heatwave:

Exacta Weather’s James Madden said Britain can look forward to “major warmth”, sunshine and long periods of fine weather at times this summer.

He said: “Summer will not be without some major warm spells and heat bursts from the near Continent which could see temperatures approaching the MID to HIGH 30's at times.

“We expect summer to begin as early as MAY and we could see some exceptionally settled and warm weather within the SECOND HALF of the month or even earlier on current indications”


It also correctly stated the following in reference to the JUNE heatwave:

“Our current indications reveal a brace of warm or hot spells of weather for several days in JUNE to start summer along with some potentially scorching Spanish plumes during July and August”


In addition to this Exacta Weather featured on the front page of the national news prior to the occurrence of these hot weather events in MAY and JUNE (Daily Express) and when conventional meteorology was not in full recognition of such weather events occurring below:



The June hot weather also brought the longest heatwave conditions in over 20 years and in addition to this we also experienced the hottest Summer Solstice day on record.

The following media article also correctly stated the following in reference to this:

James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, said the next three months will bring a succession of “major” heat blasts.

“However, despite these unsettled periods, it is of the HIGHEST CONFIDENCE that multiple and major heat surges will occur throughout this summer.

“Our early projections consistently indicate that this summer could BREAK or near a number of TEMPERATURE RECORDS in terms of MAXIMUM HEAT, and we are only weeks away from temperatures approaching or exceeding the 30C mark for the first time this year.”


In addition to this we also received some excellent scientific coverage in reference to solar activity and our methodology behind a zigzagging Jet-Stream and long term weather forecasting from the Daily Express/Nathan Rao within the following article below:

Exacta Weather’s James Madden said fluctuations in solar activity observed this year point towards numerous heat surges over the coming months.

He said: “Rhythmic swings from unsettled weather to more settled and hot or even heatwave conditions are likely to develop throughout this summer.

“These changes relate to fluctuations in solar activity levels and how they impact the jet stream and our weather patterns.

“Zigzagging of the jet stream and its causal relationship with solar activity are also part of a bigger picture within our climate system and for which more extreme heat bursts are likely at variable times of the year in the UK”


First Snow & North/North-East Winds From As Early As October This Year (75%+ Confidence) - As with the May & June HOT weather we forewarned of from several months ahead to subscribers + in the above media articles for public consumption

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UPDATE ADDED: Thursday 22nd June 2017 – James Madden

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