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Winter Arrives On Cue For North & South + Even More To Come (Potential Snow Bombs) + Autumn Forecast Success Review

Winter has recently arrived with a vengeance for large parts of the country in terms of much colder weather and widespread snow showers - even in parts as far south as London and the capital on Thursday 30th November.

Our original autumn forecast stated that the FIRST snow events was more likely TO BE restricted to the "highlands of Scotland and moderate levels in parts of the north" and they also accurately pointed out for the exact dates when these first snow events of the season would occur.
Our autumn forecast also pinpointed and stated CLEARLY that parts of the south would be more likely to see snow in the latter part of November and from almost 90 days ahead.

In addition to the above - our long range autumn forecast also accurately informed of 2 x major low pressure systems/ex-hurricanes for the exact dates they hit our shores from several weeks ahead.

Our general autumn outlook also highlighted a number of milder set-ups and quite warm weather within the given 90 day period, and before our expected change to much colder and wintry weather later in November. Our 90 day ahead forecast for November also stated the possibility and option for some unexpected milder weather to occur at times. However, the November section of the forecast also successfully highlighted the end of the month as a pivotal point for some notable cold and snow in parts as far south as London for the exact dates, and despite the earlier mild weather from the rest of autumn.

Actual screenshots from our long range subscribers forecasts issued in early September 2017:

So What Next This Winter? Snow Bomb(s) On The Way?

In addition to the above long range forecast - Our 60 day ahead WINTER forecast also indicated that a potential and significant snowy period could start to peak for many parts of the country for in and around the 7th - 9th December.

(Must allow for a few days deviation in consideration of how far in advance this forecast was issued and the FACT that this is the weather everyone).

7th - 9th December Forecast Screenshot - Issued To Subscribers In September:


For those who don't fully understand ESOTERIC weather forecasting or choose to manipulate our forecasts to suit their own agendas (includes competitors). We would like to say that "what can't speak, can't lie" and we always provide proof of our long range forecasting claims (See screenshots) and our subscribers are more often than not "in the know" on any major weather events from several weeks in advance.

To accurately predict just a small number of the above forecasting claims from guesswork would effectively be like winning the lottery twice in the same week.

However, this is weather forecasting and there will always be some element of guesswork involved in such an incomplete science, and which we would probably refer to this more as estimation or judgement work.

To finalise our point and prove there is some validity in our enigmatic weather forecasting methodology - we have decided to demonstrate this to you further with PROOF by highlighting some of our major forecasting accolades since 2010 (TO FOLLOW BELOW) - Includes the winter of 2009/10, Coldest UK December in 100 years, Coldest USA winter in 100 years, Summer 2012, The Coldest March in 100 years (2013) and front page heatwaves and cold periods that conventional meteorology said WOULDN'T happen + More...

Again! To guess any or just two of the weather events, and in the eye of conflicting forecasts at the time of issue from the so-called pro's - would effectively be like winning the lottery twice in a very short space of time in terms of overall odds. Must be something in esoteric weather forecasting? Eh!

Published: James Madden - 1st December 2017

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