Actual screenshot images of our United States Winter 2013/14 and Fall 2014 forecasts - that identified the coldest U.S. winter in 100 years + the record-breaking November for snow/cold in 2014 from at least 6 months ahead of actual occurrence to our subscribers...

USA Weather Forecasts Packages

1. Access to all our seasonal forecasts that are issued from several months ahead of the season using solar and space weather methodology - includes access to the important and readily available fall/autumn & winter 2015/16 forecasts for the United States + snow dates + spring 2016 forecast + broken down for specific region in the United States (West, Midwest, Northeast, Southeast and Southwest United States.

2. Unlimited access to our NEW set-date forecasts to plan ahead for special events, climbing, holidays or for general working purposes that require likely weather types for up to 90 days in advance for anywhere in the world (from our very latest model runs that incorporate solar methodology)

3. Access to our SOLAR forecasts and our NEW weather forum + Early USA Weather Warnings by email

4. Access to all our UK and Ireland weather services (FREE OF CHARGE)


USA Premium Weather Forecasts Package - ($115.99 Per Year)

Lifetime Subscription To All The Above Exacta Weather United States Services ($388.99)

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Why Subscribe To Our Forecasts?

Exacta Weather is not government funded and relies on user support through forecast subscriptions at a minimal cost to users. We don't posses multi-million pound supercomputers, and simply have access to our own individual model that we have built from scratch. This model also incorporates solar methodology and other major factors that we consider to be important for forecasting long and short range weather events, and without what we have analysed repeatedly as a global warming bias from elsewhere. This has helped us to correctly identify and define a number of major 100 year weather events from several months in advance of occurrence, such as; the coldest UK/Ireland December in 100 years (2010), the wettest UK/Ireland summer in 100 years (2012), the coldest UK/Ireland March in 130 years (2013) the coldest United States winter in 100 years (2013/14) and the multiple 100 year records for snow and cold that were shattered in many locations throughout November 2014 in the United States + a large number of major and much shorter range weather events such as; heatwaves, major storms and snow events that we also forecast in advance of conventional meteorology, and what were almost alternative/opposing forecasts from elsewhere until nearer the time.

As is the nature of weather forecasting or a 'forecast', some forecasts have been less accurate than others. However, our seasonal forecasts attain an overall and honest success rate of around 70% over the past 5 years, and since our first forecasts were issued in 2010. Our overall accuracy within our long range forecasts is something that we aim to maintain and build upon further in the coming years and decades.
In addition to our unorthodox method of forecasting, we can unfortunately attract some negative and slanderous comments for whom a vast majority have a traceable affiliation with other weather companies/or via misleading articles from recurring aliases who defend the UK Met Office, despite their multitude of forecast failures. Unfortunately, standard meteorologists and the general consensus believe that you can't forecast accurately for no more than a few days ahead, and they also choose to rely on ever-changing computer models to deliver their forecasts. They also don't incorporate or fully understand how solar activity and other skills can be applied as large contributing factors within weather forecasting, and this is why they choose to endeavour in this derogatory behaviour towards Exacta Weather as a business, and under closer inspection some of these perpetrators have failed attempts at weather forecasting and must feel that they deserve to be the in the position of Exacta Weather. It is also the reason why certain individuals from the same IP address choose to participate in manipulating auto-search results that already apply elsewhere.

Exacta Weather was also a voluntary weather service from 2010 until June 2012, and for two whole years, we never made a single penny/cent for any of our weather services or wanted to. However, Exacta Weather had expanded considerably in size and visitors to our website within this 2-year period, for which so did the overall workload and cost. For the hours committed and to keep Exacta Weather going, there was no alternative but to keep expanding our services at a minimal cost to users.

We would kindly ask that you bear this in mind by allowing yourself to make your own mind up about our services, and by comparing our forecasting achievements to date, to those who make these false or misleading claims for what is supposedly an incomplete or difficult science to master; or so they say, when it applies to them.

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