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The regular weather updates will be returning to Exacta Weather at some point during the month of May 2014. Within this period there will be a major overhaul and review of the model forecasts and BLIPMAP projections that are generated/used within the production of the short to medium-range weather forecasts on Exacta Weather. By implementing these vital software changes and the incorporation of new data within our systems, we aim to offer and maintain a more accurate and reliable service for short to medium-range weather on a regional and national scale upon our return, and as we have done consistently in the past since 2010.

We also plan to 'cautiously' incorporate these system changes and their long-range projections within our future seasonal and ultra long range weather forecasts, in amalgamation with our usual solar activity data/flux calculations, and the analysis of ocean data and historical weather patterns, which have returned an overall success rate of around 70-80% during the last 5 years of seasonal forecasts.


The Exacta Weather website will also be undergoing a number of changes during this period, of which there will be a number of new additions to the site and a more fresher feel to affairs upon completion, thus offering a more positive user experience overall.
During this period of change and as a gesture of goodwill to all our followers, why not take advantage with one of our brand new membership trials below

The membership trial is for a limited time period only and to compensate for these changes that are taking place.