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UK & Ireland Winter Forecast 2014/15

2 x Reports now available including major snow risk dates for the UK & Ireland in the link below

+ Exacta Weather Winter Report 2014/15 – A Volcanic Winter?

An additional report titled "A volcanic winter" (4 page PDF) has been issued and uploaded to the members login area in addition to the subscribers winter weather report 2 above – which was issued on the 17th August 2014. The report has been constructed due to the heightened possibility of a major volcanic eruption occurring in Iceland. It covers a range of different scenarios from A. type of eruptions and B. their overall implications on the upcoming winter of 2014/15 for the UK, Ireland, Europe and the United States


also includes December, January & February 6 and 4 week ahead forecasts for the UK & Ireland

Newspaper front pages  - correct predictions

uk ireland - long range weekly weather