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There are many strong signals that point towards a very cold and snowy winter (major snow episodes) for the UK & Ireland throughout the upcoming winter of 2014/15. To allow everyone the opportunity to read the full reports x 3 and be fully 
prepared - from Friday until midnight on Sunday we will be posting a site update and allowing purchases for just £4.99 (normally £9.99 - must click Paypal link for offer) also includes major snow risk dates in the link below


Please note that we only run this promotion once per year... or for better value you can take out one of the autumn membership offers below

The following autumn membership sale offers are of extremely good value and can therefore only run for a limited period of time - they include access to all UK & Ireland month ahead/seasonal forecasts (normally priced at £10 each) for the subscription duration of 1 to 3 years
  • 1 Year Full Subscription For £14.99 In The Link Below* - Normally £74.99
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First 100 x 1 year subs above - will receive a 2 year full subscription
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UK & Ireland Winter Weather Forecast 2014/15

Our UK & Ireland winter 2014/15 forecast defines a particular period of exceptional cold and major snow events due to sudden stratospheric warming and jet stream displacement in the link provided below.

Also includes an alternative volcanic winter report for the possibility of a major volcanic eruption in Iceland.


Exacta Weather have also accurately forecast similar sudden stratospheric warming and jet stream displacement events from several months in advance for the exact dates for the coldest December in 100 years (2010) the coldest March in 130 years (2013) and the coldest U.S. winter in 100 years (2013/14).





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